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Created 716 days ago with 18 posts
Last updated 486 days ago by Wouter Tebbens

Group: FTA Technical Infrastructure

Topic: Elgg version 1.8

Created 490 days ago with 2 posts
Last updated 490 days ago by Joe Corneli

Group: FTA Technical Infrastructure

Topic: Drupal examples of tight integration with various FOSS resources...

Created 717 days ago with 9 posts
Last updated 557 days ago by David Jacovkis

Group: FTA Technical Infrastructure

Topic: inactive, fake members & spam

Created 590 days ago with 4 posts
Last updated 588 days ago by Joe Corneli

Group: Free Technology Guild working group

Topic: What's missing?

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User:SaraHalverson [Edit]
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(Created page with ' Let me inroduce myself, my name is [ Zackary Claunch]. Northern Marianas Islands is where I've always been living and m...')
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A Reasonable Basic Site Answer [Edit]
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How To Maximize Your Internet site Like The Experts [Edit]
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(Ways to Enhance Your Web site Like The Specialists)
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Black Tea Caffeine: Great Things About Coffee With Less Side Effects [Edit]
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(Black Tea Caffeine: Benefits Of Coffee With Less Side Effects)
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This space is designed to enable the communication among all members of the FTA community. Is an open platform, where everyone can join even if they are not enrolled student of the certified courses. Participate, dialogue and build free educational experiences, materials and more.

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