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Drupal examples of tight integration with various FOSS resources...

Bradley D. Thornton
496 days ago

I'm a bit concerned over the announcements concerning the *redesign* of ftacademy and thought that I would share some technological showcases demonstrating that the use of Drupal isn't likely to result in stagnation due to the dependency upon any single product it is integrated with, since it is well and actively maintained by a vibrant community.

For example, one can use the single signon capabilities native to Drupal for integration with CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and other software like forums, etc., and even integrate OpenID support (even as an OpenID provider service!). 

Maintenance of a Drupal installation, including security updates, is very simple too, via the cli, with Drush, the drupal shell, and makes the installation of new modules as simple as an invocation in a single command. 

As far as DBMS are concerned, anything (including Drupal) that works with MySQL also works with MariaDB (also created by Monty) or Percona, two of my favs that don't require one to use software owned by the evil EllisonCo ;)

I've posted a couple of notes about the use of Drupal, it's inherent revision control and forward mobility etc., although one of those posts seemed to disappear. Oh well...

Anyway, in followiing up with that, I wanted to share an example of how well Drupal integrates tightly with other FOSS projects which facilitates the educational community, just as an example of what can be done. For that, I'm going to provide a couple of links to OpenScholar:


I hope that helps, and lemme know how I can help out, k?

Kindest regards,

Bradley - http://NorthTech.US


Joe Corneli
496 days ago

Hi Bradley:

Can you point out some links about this "redesign"?  Do you mean the "enhanced peer learning model"?  Or is there something specific about software changes that I've missed?


PS.  Thanks for the links about Open Scholar that looks interesting.

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