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At the FTA we use Free Educational Materials. These can be defined by applying the four freedoms from the Free Software Definition to educational materials. So, free educational materials provide their users these four essential freedoms:

  1. the freedom to use the material for any purpose
  2. the freedom to modify the material
  3. the freedom to copy the material and share it with your neighbours
  4. the freedom to distribute modified versions

[edit] Free Educational Materials Definition

The SELF Project compressed this [definition as follows, while still preserving the four freedoms. Free Educational Material and Documentation are defined as follows:

1. Unlimited use for any purpose

Similar to the first freedom defining Free Software, there must be no limitation on the use of the material. In order to qualify as Free, it must in particular permit use in commercial training activities.

2. Modification

It must be possible to change the material so it can be translated, improved and kept up-to-date, as well as to enable collaboration and creation of new, combined materials.

3. Distribution

It must be possible to distribute the materials in original, modified, and combined forms. It must be at the choice of the individual distributor to do this with or without a fee.

[edit] Accepted licenses

An initial set of licenses that complies with the definition for free educational materials can be found at the SELF Project. Also the list of licenses as maintained by the Free Cultural Works Definition complies with the four freedoms and is thus accepted for use within the FTA.

[edit] Part of Open Educational Resources

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