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Conversation with #fki-fta

Conversation with #fki-fta on Mon 12 Dec 2011 10:47:31 AM CET:
(12:17:32 PM) kkhacks [~krishna@] entered the room.
(12:17:53 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: hi, Krishnakant here
(12:18:00 PM) divad: hi there
(12:18:10 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: seems ekiga is failing me on the vary moment
(12:18:29 PM) kkhacks: divad: so what's up?
(12:18:35 PM) wtebbens: hi kkhacks
(12:18:50 PM) divad: trying the phone conference now
(12:18:57 PM) divad: kkhacks: veit also had problems with ekiga
(12:19:01 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: how many people are in the conference room? i will keep trying to connect ekiga
(12:19:36 PM) wtebbens: we were 3
(12:19:43 PM) wtebbens: we try again
(12:19:53 PM) kkhacks: ok
(12:21:49 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: i get error could not connect to remote host
(12:22:33 PM) wtebbens: really weird
(12:23:20 PM) wtebbens: let'se see
(12:23:32 PM) wtebbens: if Veit also joins us here and we just stick to IRC...
(12:26:21 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: what about licy
(12:26:33 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: i herd she has some challenge?
(12:26:48 PM) wtebbens: what did she tell you?
(12:26:50 PM) divad1 [~david@] entered the room.
(12:26:58 PM) divad1: sorry, my network connection is bad today, switching to mobile
(12:27:20 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: not me, if I guess, she had said on the emails that she would have some problem reading fast?
(12:27:27 PM) divad left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(12:28:03 PM) wtebbens: yes, she preferred the conf call, but she didn't show up nor did we see any message from her today
(12:28:18 PM) divad1 is now known as divad
(12:28:29 PM) divad left the room (quit: Changing host).
(12:28:29 PM) divad [~david@freeknowledge/board/dj] entered the room.
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(12:29:11 PM) wtebbens: anyway, what shall we do?
(12:29:25 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: u suggest
(12:29:38 PM) wtebbens: this is basically the last synchronous meeting opportunity this calendar year
(12:30:41 PM) wtebbens: So I'd be in favour to at least have a brief conversation about the main aspects of "FTA Ambassadors" and maybe define a list of things we find important to work on?
(12:30:42 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: so how about deciding what we can do for the next year
(12:30:48 PM) divad left the room ("PONG").
(12:30:53 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: that's what we have been discussing
(12:31:01 PM) divad [~david@freeknowledge/board/dj] entered the room.
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(12:31:31 PM) wtebbens: well, I think we wouldn't make decisions, in such a small group. but we can analyse what we have in our hands if you like that
(12:31:47 PM) divad: wtebbens: I agree, and set up a new meeting & continue discussions via email
(12:31:59 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: +1
(12:32:03 PM) wtebbens: about the Ambassadorship, what do we need to define?
(12:32:15 PM) kkhacks: i guess unless we use a proper system,, such a meeting is not possible
(12:32:23 PM) wtebbens: 1) the name. Kostas suggested various altrenatives
(12:32:49 PM) wtebbens: 2) define the role
(12:33:15 PM) wtebbens: kkhacks: how do you feel about the name of FTA Ambassador?
(12:33:27 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: yes very good
(12:34:20 PM) acapiluppi [~andrea@] entered the room.
(12:34:27 PM) vdvogt [5481e936@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(12:34:43 PM) wtebbens: Hi Veit!
(12:34:57 PM) vdvogt: Hi I'm online veit
(12:35:05 PM) lisi [] entered the room.
(12:35:13 PM) wtebbens: hi Lisi!
(12:35:13 PM) kkhacks: vdvogt: hi
(12:35:30 PM) kkhacks: lisi: hi Krishnakant here
(12:35:47 PM) divad left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(12:36:24 PM) wtebbens: considering that some had problems calling into the conference call (and Veit and myself had some unpleasant echos unfortunately), we thought IRC might be the best for today
(12:36:38 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: +1
(12:36:53 PM) wtebbens: (but David has some internet connection troubles which don't help either...)
(12:37:12 PM) wtebbens: Anyway, great that you made it!
(12:37:19 PM) lisi: Hi all! I amnot at my best with this medium. I have rungf with teh landline, I get through to the Institute without a problem, but cannot then get through to the extension.
(12:37:55 PM) vdvogt: yes I had the same problem .
(12:38:06 PM) wtebbens: that's weird, lisi. We'll analyse and discuss later what has happened
(12:38:28 PM) vdvogt: after dialing the phone number and than 888 I got no connection to the conference room.
(12:38:33 PM) divad [~david@freeknowledge/board/dj] entered the room.
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(12:38:41 PM) wtebbens: Today we are finally together at the same time. so let's make use of this moment.
(12:38:44 PM) lisi: ditto
(12:38:50 PM) wtebbens: What shall we discuss about?
(12:39:01 PM) lisi: sorry - i meant ditto to veit
(12:39:44 PM) vdvogt: there had been some discussione about the term ambassador. I would keep this as I wrote in an email. what would you all say?
(12:39:45 PM) lisi: Qutie honestly, as far as I ma concerned, I find email easier and mor emeaningful than htis!
(12:40:19 PM) divad: wtebbens: I think most important today is to agree on the role of ambassadors and some short term tasks
(12:40:26 PM) wtebbens: I can imagine for you it is more difficult, lisi
(12:40:38 PM) wtebbens: divad: +1
(12:40:48 PM) divad: lisi: I also like email, but we wanted to get together with most of you at least once!
(12:41:45 PM) wtebbens: about the "FTA Ambassadors" name: Kostas has suggested alternative names. What do you think about it?
(12:42:26 PM) divad: the term doesnt' have any negative connotations for me, but i don't have any special attachment to it either: it's just a name
(12:42:34 PM) lisi: This deosn't relly seem like otgether- telephone would be different and make us all corporeal
(12:43:01 PM) vdvogt: In my email about ambassadors I wrote some word about the role of the ambassadors and I would compare this role with the role of the UNICEF ambassadors.
(12:43:31 PM) lisi: Yes, I agree with David. The name is unimportant. But I think atht if ambassador has negative connotations for some people, we should rethink.
(12:43:45 PM) wtebbens: lisi: +1 I would have preferred the phone as you say. In any case, I don't think we can schedule a new meeting before the end of the calendar year
(12:44:22 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: yes, can we look up the UNICEF ones?
(12:44:25 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: I don't know why ekiga failed at this vary moment
(12:44:41 PM) kkhacks: yes I guess name is not important, the roles and responsibilities must be discussed
(12:44:42 PM) wtebbens: <a href=""></a>
(12:45:27 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: the core difference wrt Unicef is that those ambassadors are celebrities ;-)
(12:46:00 PM) lisi: Yes - and that too has negative connotations of rsome people. To be honest, as a former diplomatic chold, I find the term ambassador a trifle pretentious.i
(12:46:19 PM) wtebbens: let's see what Kostas said: What I could think of as alternatives (synonyms) to the term "Ambassador" are the following words: "FTA Supporter" "FTA Active Supporter" "FTA Promoter" "FTA Representative" "FTA Advocate"
(12:46:25 PM) vdvogt: my be that these people are celbs, but does this make any difference?
(12:46:46 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: fta advocate sounds really good
(12:47:13 PM) lisi: But I don't think taht the word is all that important, so if some people don't lik eit lets call ourselves something else. It would be hard to object to, for example, Representative
(12:47:33 PM) wtebbens: FTA Supporters we all are, that doesn't distinguish the "ambassador" is it?
(12:48:11 PM) wtebbens: "FTA Representative" could be, but IMHO is more a formal title.
(12:48:50 PM) lisi: kkhacks; Yes, I too like advocate! But that could mean any enthusiastic user of teh FTA. I am coming round to represenatative.
(12:48:57 PM) vdvogt: does anybody know the term they use in the open Source community?
(12:49:42 PM) wtebbens: there so many titles used...
(12:49:54 PM) lisi: wtebbens: I should have said that it is far less formal than ambassador, which is an important diplomatic function and title.
(12:49:58 PM) kkhacks: in foss they call either advocate, activist or lastly enthusiast
(12:50:28 PM) wtebbens: I'd say that all people interested in the FTA are in some way a "supporter", or even "promoter" or "advocate".
(12:50:32 PM) vdvogt: What about Evangelist?
(12:51:02 PM) wtebbens: "supporter" could also mean to make periodic donations
(12:51:13 PM) lisi: kkhacks: I thought that the main objection ot ambassador was that it is already to often (mis)used by the Foss world.
(12:51:16 PM) wtebbens: Evangelist is near to Advocate
(12:51:23 PM) wtebbens: could be
(12:52:18 PM) lisi: I am coming more and more round to representative. It seems ot carry less baggage.
(12:52:38 PM) wtebbens: lisi: representative for me points to "legal representative", while indeed "ambassador" is a prestigious title from diplomatic circles originally
(12:53:04 PM) vdvogt: advocate sounds to me something like lawyer.
(12:53:16 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: i was about to say why refuse the ambassador word in the first place
(12:53:18 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: in Dutch it does!
(12:53:41 PM) wtebbens: kkhacks: sorry, how do you mean that?
(12:54:18 PM) vdvogt: yes advocaat and in German sometimes we also say advokat for a lawyer.
(12:54:18 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: i mean that word itself sounds very respectable
(12:54:56 PM) lisi: Evangelist coulk dupset some Christian fundamentalist whose knowledge of koine (new testament) greek is not good.
(12:55:07 PM) wtebbens: kkhacks: it does! (ambassador)
(12:55:11 PM) wtebbens: lisi: yes indeed
(12:55:41 PM) wtebbens: and maybe we don't want to be compared to religious groups
(12:56:29 PM) wtebbens: so where do we stand now?
(12:57:01 PM) vdvogt: No, it should not sound like a religious sect.
(12:57:08 PM) lisi: it seems to me taht the problem arises from teh fact that we are all native speakers of different langugaes and therefore have difficulty in findingwords that donot have undesirable connotations in one of our languages!
(12:57:29 PM) wtebbens: I see kkhacks likes the sense of respectability that comes with Ambassador; lisi seems to like Representative, ... vdvogt what do you like most?
(12:57:32 PM) lisi: So it arises from teh cat that we are an international orgaisation!
(12:57:53 PM) wtebbens: lisi: yes!
(12:59:08 PM) vdvogt: I would keep the term ambassador, but when most people have bad conotations with ambassador I would prefer representative but not in the meaning og an official thats the point we should avoid.
(12:59:35 PM) wtebbens: Personally I would avoid the term Representative: people might think that you have the legal capacity to sign on behalf of the organisation. And it is certainly not about that, is it?
(01:00:08 PM) vdvogt: yes this we shout avoid.
(01:01:48 PM) wtebbens: Lisi, how do you feel about that?
(01:02:36 PM) vdvogt: I just had a look for synonyms. what about agent or spokeman/women?
(01:03:43 PM) wtebbens: "agent" can be anyone, it doesn't distinguish
(01:04:30 PM) wtebbens: "spokeperson" could be, but is often referred to to a professional PR person who is paid for by the organisation
(01:04:48 PM) divad left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(01:05:38 PM) lisi: wtebbens: I accept it - I have to do so! But as I ahve alreday said, I htink everything is going to have unfortuante connotations in at least one of our native languages.
(01:05:40 PM) divad [~david@freeknowledge/board/dj] entered the room.
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(01:06:19 PM) vdvogt: perhaps we should first find a clear definition of the role we are going to play. than we should have a look for a name of that role.
(01:06:36 PM) wtebbens: lisi: maybe the important part lies in that definition
(01:06:51 PM) wtebbens: did you already start a wiki page about it?
(01:06:52 PM) divad left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(01:07:05 PM) lisi: I amnot at all clear why we need a title. This is a function I have performed for various orgainisations overt my life. I onle once had a title: Publicity Officer.
(01:07:12 PM) divad [~david@freeknowledge/board/dj] entered the room.
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(01:07:27 PM) divad: sorry my connexion died
(01:07:47 PM) vdvogt: In my las mail I wrote this about FTA ambassadors: FTA Ambassador: The FTA community is built up of co-operative and enthusiastic people and the ambassadors are the most co-operative and entusiastic of all! A FTA ambassador plays a role which is of assistance to find new students and sponsors for the FTA and promotes the FTA where ever s/he can. Goals of the FTA ambassador program: - Spread the word and promote as an Evangelist fo
(01:08:47 PM) wtebbens: that's a good start, Veit
(01:08:50 PM) vdvogt: last line was: Support FTA on events (fairs, congresses, conventions....)
(01:09:16 PM) wtebbens: so what kind of issues and doubts may arise?
(01:09:16 PM) divad: vdvogt: I agree with your definition. The role of FTA Ambassadors (or however we call finally them) should be to promote the FTA and spread the word about it
(01:09:46 PM) wtebbens: One thing we'd want to clarify is the relation to other participants of the FTA community
(01:10:27 PM) wtebbens: We'll want to make clear that we need as many community members as possible to actively promote the FTA
(01:10:55 PM) vdvogt: in the text ther is the word: Assistance.
(01:11:18 PM) vdvogt: What would you think about the title: FTA assistant?
(01:11:37 PM) vdvogt: This assistant would play the proposed roles.
(01:12:36 PM) wtebbens: that has a rather different connotation
(01:12:39 PM) lisi: Now that has connoations in English to which I would object. I would actually mind being called an "assistant". And I feel taht strongly!
(01:12:55 PM) wtebbens: lisi: +1
(01:13:31 PM) wtebbens: We also would need to clarify how the title is acquired (see the different criteria I mentioned in the mailing list) and when it expires (and how/when it can be revoked).
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(01:15:41 PM) wtebbens: What kind of support do you expect from the FKI to make your role as effective as possible?
(01:16:05 PM) lisi: Why do we need a title? Why can't we just promote the FTA without one?? That is honestly something taht I do not understand!
(01:16:07 PM) vdvogt: OK. when the title must be aquired than the people has to do first some work for the FTA for example promotions ....
(01:16:45 PM) wtebbens: lisi: maybe that's right, without a title people can do really useful things
(01:17:35 PM) wtebbens: then again, such title would have as a function to 1) clarify a certain role and reputation within the community 2) to signal that role to the outside world
(01:17:48 PM) wtebbens: but such title should limit ourselves!
(01:17:50 PM) divad [~david@freeknowledge/board/dj] entered the room.
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(01:18:20 PM) wtebbens: hey divad: trouble with the TCP/IP pidgeons, he?
(01:18:32 PM) divad: pfff
(01:18:37 PM) divad: on 3g again now
(01:19:03 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: that would be the idea: people do useful work and then get elected by the community to get a certain position
(01:19:32 PM) lisi: wtebbens: I don't see a title signaling anything to teh oitside world. It will simply not know what the titel is meant to convey!
(01:20:21 PM) wtebbens: I do think it is useful. From that role one expects that s/he knows sufficient about the FTA to be able to present it on a conference or fair, for example
(01:20:42 PM) lisi: How about just a committee to which we can all belong, membership of teh committee to be by cooption byteh committee?
(01:21:00 PM) wtebbens: lisi: that's also a very good possibility
(01:21:02 PM) vdvogt: yes. this could be a good idea. fist promote the FTA and if this promotion was successful this person will be elected to be ??? we could find another term/title in the next weeks. It is not necessary to find it now.
(01:22:25 PM) wtebbens: We could use the FTA Communication group - <a href=""></a>
(01:22:41 PM) wtebbens: we even have some journalist friends in there too
(01:23:10 PM) vdvogt: FKI support: In the last days I had searche the web for some info matirial about FTA and I found on the FTA web site that you have stikers and other info material which you had on a congress. Do you still have some of this material? could we have that?
(01:23:20 PM) wtebbens: but I am sorry we haven't got the elggman yet integrated in the community portal
(01:23:38 PM) lisi: vdvogt: I once entertained Pricess Margaret ( the Queen's sister) on behalf of an organistaion with no title other that "member of the committee).
(01:24:00 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: yes I know that I (and probably others) have a bunch of stickers at home
(01:25:14 PM) kkhacks: well can we start discussing the roles and responsibilities?
(01:25:28 PM) wtebbens: in the Communication group we should list what does each of us have & need, then we decide who sends what to whom
(01:25:42 PM) kkhacks: wtebbens: +1
(01:25:43 PM) lisi: wtebbens: Please, can't we just have a mailing list to which only the committee is subscribed? I just can't gte my head rond all these sites. How about oyu, Krishnakant?
(01:26:04 PM) wtebbens: well, divad knows more about it...
(01:26:36 PM) wtebbens: i think we shouldn't spam the FTA discussion list with all too many details or people unsubscribe again
(01:27:02 PM) wtebbens: that's why we want to integrate the community portal with a mailing list per group
(01:27:11 PM) vdvogt: a restricted mailing list for us only would be good. David could you manage this?
(01:27:16 PM) divad: we can have as many lists as we want, but we should think if we need it. what will the comitee discuss that can't be discussed in the public mailing list?
(01:27:45 PM) lisi: wtebbens: I amnot suggestingtaht we should. I am suggeting a separate and privat mailing list, as is used by my local LUG for ita committee.
(01:27:52 PM) wtebbens: divad: will you explain us (later on the list) what the issues are with the elggman list integration?
(01:28:30 PM) wtebbens: lisi: it is precisely that, but one thing better: integrated with the web based community poral, so you have both!
(01:29:12 PM) divad: wtebbens: will do
(01:29:17 PM) wtebbens: ok, but our meeting shouldn't be about mailing lists right now
(01:29:31 PM) wtebbens: what do we find important to work on in the coming weeks?
(01:29:42 PM) wtebbens: We all want some action in the FTA
(01:29:49 PM) lisi: From a purely practical point of view, unless it cahnges dramatically I am unlikely to use the Portal. I am keen ot work on behalf of teh FTA and to promote it, but not to make my life that difficult.
(01:30:00 PM) vdvogt: OK let's come back to the role to play.
(01:30:19 PM) vdvogt: Promotion is the most important thing we have to do.
(01:30:32 PM) wtebbens: lisi: exactly, that's what we aim to solve for you: you send email, while others type in the web portal
(01:31:02 PM) vdvogt: without promotion there will be no new students and without new students there is no future of FTA.
(01:31:38 PM) wtebbens: yes, and did we agree that we will now focus our energy to do this from within the Communication group? So we forget about titles for a while and get started with Promotion?
(01:32:00 PM) lisi: wtebbens: Well my emial was a failure, but I do now know why, and could explain it to anyone intersted. I was intending to try and give a talk at the two LUGs I physically attend, but that, of necessity, has to wait until they have meetings.
(01:32:13 PM) vdvogt: I will call in next days/weeks some companies in Germany and ask them for support. Like Univention and B1.
(01:32:30 PM) wtebbens: great actions
(01:32:53 PM) wtebbens: can we get interviews or articles into some targeted media?
(01:33:23 PM) lisi: I am also porbably going to be joining Veit ath teh LinixTag in Berlin. Next time there is a Linux ehibition at London's Plympia I was going to see how feasible.
(01:33:48 PM) wtebbens: great!
(01:33:49 PM) wtebbens: I mean mainstream media is not our direct target, I'd think of Free Software Magazine and so many other channels that we could think of
(01:34:11 PM) vdvogt: yes. Lisi and me we allready decided to write an article for LINUXMagazin and the English speaking sister LinuxMagazine.
(01:34:26 PM) divad: vdvogt: great
(01:34:37 PM) wtebbens: hey, and the various Linux, Free Software and Open Source events: can we list them somewhere? Would be useful for ourselves and the community to see what's going on?
(01:34:56 PM) lisi: I am also, next tiem I have teh opportunity (which coul dbr several months I'm afraid) going to collar the three people who work for several companies who just might be prepared to sposor.
(01:35:14 PM) wtebbens: aha
(01:35:54 PM) wtebbens: about targets, maybe we should think of the target groups we would like to reach
(01:36:29 PM) lisi: I shall also try ot get some publicity in/on various newspapers/websites. Can we provide a photogenic female - or even better, child?
(01:36:59 PM) vdvogt: target are all interestet people in Linux, and FLOSS. so all people organised in LUGs.
(01:37:13 PM) wtebbens: For example: FS companies, Linux and other FS media (on and offline), LUGs indeed, ... what more?
(01:37:56 PM) wtebbens: what about higher education institutes? the ones that run Computer Science, Software Engineering or other ICT related programmes
(01:38:18 PM) wtebbens: they might not have anything like the FTA courses but maybe their students like to take it
(01:39:28 PM) vdvogt: In Germany we have the FernUni Hagen which is an online university. could it be usefull to make a contact?
(01:40:25 PM) vdvogt: What about the contact to LinupFront?
(01:40:27 PM) lisi: wtebbens: I think we shoul dnot only preach to teh coinverted. The mor epeopl ewe can get interested in FLOSS, teh mor epeople who will want teh FTA's courses! Schools? Career Fairs totarget people just about to go to college, websites such as teh BBC and the REgister, ot name bu two. We could see whther the FSF would give us aniother plug. It was their plug taht got me interested, so it obviously sometimes work!?
(01:41:20 PM) kkhacks: i have been working here in india for promotion of education through foss
(01:41:33 PM) kkhacks: in many universities they ask me if there are extensive courses
(01:41:40 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: some 2 years ago our colleagues from Open University NL did visit the FerUni in Hagen and it turned out that though they found the FTA interesting, their business model is anti_OER it seems (they need to sell course books to stay in their business)
(01:42:19 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: LinUp seems interesting! Did they answer back after my reply to you?
(01:43:06 PM) lisi: Why not let us all do our best, and report back if we have success! I am hoping to get my area newpaper to accept an article. But I would still need a photogenic female or child. Perhaps my grandaughter!!
(01:43:16 PM) wtebbens: lisi: +1 not only preach to the converted. We can ask the FSF to post about the FTA again, yes.
(01:43:20 PM) vdvogt: I did not get any answer. Should I have another call to Mr. Ranis?
(01:43:38 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: maybe yes, or email...
(01:44:25 PM) lisi: If that works (I sahll start there because I alredy have a contant there. Then ther is radio, local and national... Now it wouldbe great if i could get a spot on women's hour. I could kill two birds with one stone.
(01:44:37 PM) vdvogt: OK. I will call him again.
(01:45:07 PM) lisi: My two hobby horses, in fact! Women in computing and FLOSS and teh FTA.
(01:45:16 PM) divad: lisi: heh
(01:45:23 PM) wtebbens: lisi: great!!
(01:45:52 PM) wtebbens: you people rock!
(01:46:21 PM) wtebbens: hey, in max 10 minutes I need to be going.
(01:46:27 PM) wtebbens: how do we continue from here?
(01:46:57 PM) wtebbens: Can someone place the logs of this meeting in the FTA Campus Wiki? and send the link to the list?
(01:47:28 PM) lisi: May we have th voice call sometime? Other than that, we each start ot plough tehfurrow we have atrted on, and hope taht somewhere something will ebarfruit.
(01:47:33 PM) vdvogt: lets go to the mailing list and co-ordinate our works. this would be more effective and for Lisi it is much better to follow.
(01:47:49 PM) kkhacks: vdvogt: +1` on mailing list
(01:47:57 PM) divad: wtebbens: I'll upload the logs
(01:48:00 PM) wtebbens: yes indeed
(01:48:07 PM) wtebbens: great, divad
(01:48:35 PM) wtebbens: (btw, vdvogt: i did receive your voice message on my phone extension 322)
(01:48:40 PM) lisi: vdvogt: + another on mailing list!!
(01:49:22 PM) wtebbens: we also need to find out which courses make most chances to be run early 2012
(01:50:08 PM) vdvogt: I will work on the problems I have with Ekiga. I think the failures occure due to port forwarding problems. When I have a solution I will report to all so we hopĆ¼efuly could come together in a SIP conference.
(01:50:08 PM) wtebbens: I saw that Harry's survey has quite a few people already plus the original survey at the FTA by divad may have some people that didn't enter Harry's
(01:50:48 PM) divad: I'll check the figures and double-check with harry to get a more realistic imcagre
(01:50:54 PM) divad: image
(01:51:10 PM) wtebbens: maybe we can identify 2 courses with most chances and go and rally to get some more participants and get them running
(01:51:20 PM) wtebbens: ok, divad!
(01:51:20 PM) lisi: wtebbens: I think taht that might be difficult. I personnally think taht 2012-1 has been impossible form teh start of this. We coul dwait a month or so to see where/how things are going.
(01:51:22 PM) divad: wtebbens: +1
(01:52:00 PM) wtebbens: let's see
(01:52:27 PM) vdvogt: we also should think about to centralise all the themes. With all these different discussions I sometimes lose the track.
(01:52:32 PM) lisi: This has reappeared in my sending window??? Hi all! I amnot at my best with this medium. I have rungf with teh landline, I get through to the Institute without a problem, but cannot then get through to the extension.
(01:53:07 PM) wtebbens: when that (the current course interests) is clearer, we might write another message to communicate through all channels we can...
(01:54:06 PM) wtebbens: another things: the ideas of donations and sponsoring should be worked on a bit more, I think. Veit made a start with the Sponsoring: <a href=""></a> We need to write that up a bit more
(01:54:10 PM) lisi: vdvogt: I find taht choosing a subject line carefully and then using threading on my email client works well.
(01:55:26 PM) lisi: But we do obviously need to find one location which we are all willing/able ot use.
(01:55:40 PM) wtebbens: vdvogt: that's when different groups might become useful (once more, we hope to get elggman bringing in some solution...)
(01:55:49 PM) vdvogt: Yes. I will work on this page this week. Lisi and me we will work some text for this page.
(01:55:50 PM) lisi: I gave up on the wiki a while ago now becaue there was never anything there!
(01:55:58 PM) wtebbens: hey all, I need to leave
(01:56:21 PM) wtebbens: Let's keep the positive energy!
(01:56:30 PM) wtebbens: See/read you soon again!
(01:56:31 PM) divad: wtebbens: yes, me too. let's continue via the mailing list
(01:56:42 PM) wtebbens: thanks for your participation.
(01:56:44 PM) lisi: but wiki' don't really seem ot me ot be sensible place for a discussion. for rceording th enedresult of a discussion, yes, but not the catrual discission
(01:56:44 PM) wtebbens: bye
(01:57:13 PM) vdvogt: bye
(01:57:30 PM) lisi: Bye Wouter and all!
(01:57:51 PM) lisi: quit
(01:58:24 PM) divad: btw, we're usually here in this channel, if you want to join us!
(01:58:34 PM) lisi: sorry - still struggling a bit. :-(
(01:58:41 PM) lisi: leave
(01:58:48 PM) divad: lisi: no problem! email is just fine
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