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This is the wiki space for the definition of a shared international master curriculum in Free Technologies. You are encouraged to add comments to the discussion page. For non master level courses please go here.


[edit] Introduction

The current course modules in the FTA Study programme can be consulted at the FTA website. The vision of the FTA partners is to continue building a shared curriculum that can be the basis for national accreditations of master programmes by partner universities. It is believed that only by cooperation and joint organisation this can be achieved to assure maximum efficiency in the development and maintenance of this curriculum and to be able to offer the most advanced and interesting study options for learners, including recognised certificates at course level, double and joint degrees. In 2010, a taskforce was set up to work together in these efforts, the Taskforce for an International Master Programme on Free Software.

A summary of the main ideas behind the common master curriculum on Free Technologies is published here.

[edit] Curriculum Design

Starting point for the curriculum is to define a core programme with at least 30 ECTS credits that all universities adhere to as the obligatory part in their master curricula on Free Software. On top of that, different specialisations can be defined. Each university can have different local flavours or specialisations. Also these specialisations should be organised in itineraries or specialised tracks that can be shared between all or some of the partners. A masters degree should include a minimum of 60 ECTS, but some universities may offer 90 or 120 ECTS programmes.

Below follows an initial draft programme where you can recognise the introductory modules in grey, a series of itineraries and the final project. In general course modules are 5 ECTS credits, but exceptions can be made (please highlight where that is applicable).

Concepts of FS and OSGNU/Linux MediumIntro to CommunitiesDeployment of FS
Networks & OS
GNU/Linux Advanced
Network Tech
FS Databases
Network Security
Distributed systems in FS environments
Sw Dev
Web App Dev
Software Dev
Advanced concepts of Software Dev
Software Architecture
Quality Metrics
Sw Eng
Info Sys Mgt
Economic Aspects
Legal Aspects
FS in Public Sector
Mgt. of FS Projects
Technology & Society
Peer Production & Commons Theory
FT Ethics and Philosophy
Edu & Science
Authoring of Educational Resources with FS
Free Technologies in education
FS for researchers
Digital Arts & Media
FS and Digital Media
Game Dev with FS
Policies on technology and culture
Hardware & Automation
Real time Automation with FS
Intro to Free Hardware
Mobile Development with FS
Embedded Software
Final project (research or applied)

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